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Welcome to the My Burger Bracket Challenge!

My Burger's Bracket Challenge is a pick 'em pool of the 2021 NCAA Mens' Basketball Championship Tournament. It is a test of your skill*, talent*, and knowledge* of college basketball

(*None of these are actually required.  In fact, they're not even that useful. People who follow basketball like to think that their expertise will make them sure winners, but in reality you could probably have your three year old make the picks and do just as well.)

The grand prize is a YEAR'S SUPPLY OF FREE BURGERS!! But there are plenty of not-quite-grand-but-still-good prizes given out along the way.  And the "not-grand" prizes are not always for winning. Many of them go to ... well, we don't want to call them losers, but "those who don't win."  We like to spread the love around.

There is no cost to enter, just a burning desire for free burgers.  So click below to sign up and make your picks.  Then follow along to see if you (or your three year old) picked the winning bracket!

Picks need to be in by 11:00am on Friday, March 19, so sign up today!



My Burger employees are not permitted to enter the My Burger Bracket Challenge.  If you are a My Burger employee and that bums you out,  CLICK HERE